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This is NOT your regular tiny house...
This tiny house was made with style, freedom, quality and affordability in mind...
Let's face it...in today's world, there is a lot of "vanilla" out there...but you're not vanilla. Beige is not your thing. AND at the same time, you like style AND you're savvy.  High style can come at a price, but not with you. You like finding a good deal, the great style AND freedom that it gives you.  You're also smart...you know that sometimes people compromise a good deal with quality...but not you...
Just because you want to go "tiny" doesn't meant you want to give up style, right?!

You know that your environment matters a LOT, and when you walk in the door, you want it to feel AND look good.

You're a free one.  You seek adventure, love to explore, and want the freedom that a tiny house provides.  The ability to move around, without the high price tag of a traditional home. And the financial freedom, is what makes the other adventures even better.
You know that there's a way to combine quality, good style (aka-not boring cookie-cutter vanilla), and affordability so that you and your family can have the choice of freedom AND quality.

You want it all and you know it's possible.

Welcome to how we not only built this tiny house, but how we live our lives.

You can rest assured that we have put our very heart, hopes, sweat, time and dreams into this tiny house...because we actually built it for us to keep...but we had some plans within our life change, so now we are offering it up to another family who has a similar vision, and to someone who will love and cherish this major gem, just as if it were our own...

This tiny house was build to LAST.  It is built with quality materials, with safety measures taken at every step, and the expertise that comes with 25+ years in the building industry.

This aint your HGTV rookie or newbie DIYer tiny house...this is quality and expertise work and we stand behind it.

This tiny house was built with quality, and style, ALONG WITH being budget conscious. 

As the builder and designer, we WANT you to experience the freedom and adventure that a tiny house can provide, and so we found quality materials with budget (and good sales) in mind.

Freedom shouldn't cost you your freedom.

Tiny House Specs:

This tiny house is currently parked, fully hooked up, in an RV park in Boise, ID.

If you'd like to come see it, (or even schedule a FaceTime walk-through if you are out of town, please see the bottom of this page for how to access to contact info and to schedule a showing.

  • Square Footage: 308 square feet.
  • Open concept living with lots of storage options with custom cabinets, and plenty of room for dining area.
  • ​Granite countertops.  
  • Under mount kitchen sink.
  • 2 Lofts: 2 spacious lofts, accessed by ladders. Great for sleeping and/or storage space.
  • 1 Bedroom / Living Room Combo: wide open-concept space that easily converts from a living-room into a full-stand-up-height bedroom (very rare for tiny homes).
  • ​1 Full Bathroom: Custom tile shower floor, porcelain toilet, cabinet & mirror storage.
  • ​White shiplap walls with clear coated cedar ceiling.
  • ​High-quality, commercial grade vinyl flooring meant for heavy wear & tear, water-resistant, stylish, and meant to last.
  • Shiplap Cedar Siding: Stylish and sturdy.
  • Metal Waynes Coat: offers high weather protection.
  • Metal Roof: Change the icons in the settings
  • Alside Window Brand: Multiple casement. Metal trim around windows and corners.
  • NEW Wheels & Tires: 10-Ply tires
  • ​10-foot vaulted ceilings.
  • 50-amp electrical service.
  • ​Instant RV hookups working & ready to go.  RV Hookup hoses and tubing included.
  • Fridge & Stove included (next to blue cabinets...we took photos before they were installed and hooked up, but they are there!).
  • On trailer & wheels, ready to tow & hook up into RV services.
  • R-15 insulation for great temperature regulation.
  • Samsung mini-split heating/cooling system (runs with a remote).
Custom Cabinets & Open Space Design
These custom cabinets provide plenty of storage for just about anything you could need.

The area above the cabinets were intentionally kept open (not only to keep the space open and feel big), but to allow the freedom that YOU want, to hang a shelf, or hooks for pots and pans, to keep it wide open or for  however you like to organize things.

The flexibility and large size of the loft spaces also allows for sleeping and/or plenty of storage.

You can see the mini-split heating & cooling system above the front door, that keeps the tiny house at the perfect temperature, along with the high windows that give plenty of light.
Tiny Living that Feels BIG
This tiny house feels anything but tiny.  With vaulted ceilings and open concept living, it provides the best of both worlds.

Multiple windows provide a LOT of light, vaulted ceilings make the tiny house feel BIG, and the beautiful design allows you to love where you live.

It is 308 spacious square feet, with high quality and beautifully designed interior finishes.

Full height living room/bedroom 
Most people don't think that having a full-stand-up-height bedroom is a big deal, but when it comes to living tiny, it actually is.  This space is meant to be a flex-space, great for hanging out together as a family, and then closed off to be a bedroom.

Providing this option within a tiny house allows for more space for privacy (because not everyone wants to change their clothes in an open loft), as well as the option for a closed off space (think office, baby naps, changing area, private sleeping space, etc.

With the very wide door-space, it allows the feel of an open-concept living area (next to a great little dining nook), and can be transformed into a private bedroom with the flick of the futon and the pull of a curtain or accordion door.
Full Bathroom
This full bathroom has plenty of space, storage and style.  It boasts a beautiful hunter-green cabinet and a storage cabinet mirror.  

The full sized porcelain toilet is fully functioning within the water and RV hookups (that means no poop-clean up for you)!

There is plenty of light, space, and modern comforts that a camper doesn't provide.

The custom tile shower floor and modern shower insert is absolutely stunning (see photo below in gallery for shower).
Tiny House, BIG Dining & Living
With strategic placement of living areas AND an open space for a savvy dining room table, you're sure to be able to fit the whole gang around the table for dinner.

Just because you're going tiny doesn't mean you have to be seperate or uncomfortable.

We've got your family's back with this beautiful and MOBILE (yes, it has wheels) space-saving design table that provides storage, a place for meals, an office space, and can seat up to 6.

Grab your folding chairs and have a feast.  You've got the big space in this tiny home.

2 Spacious Lofts
The identical lofts, positioned at either end of the tiny house, provide great spaces for storage, bedroom, play room, reading space, or for whatever your family needs.

The lofts are complete with new high-quality carpet, seperate light switches that activate lights above the loft (compared to lights off or on within the entire tiny house), electrical outlets in just the right spots to plug your phone in, and a tilt-vault ceiling so that there is enough space to sit up and hang out, without hitting your head or having to crouch down.

The windows provide great lighting, as well as spectacular views.

One loft is above the living room / bedroom combo.  The other loft is above the bathroom.

Strong & Stylish Exterior
The exterior of this tiny house is built with high-quality materials that also look good (see spec list for specific material list).

It is ready to go, on a trailer, on wheels, and ready to be towed to your next adventure!

Full RV hook-ups give you the freedom to pull in and out of RV parks all throughout the country with ease.

(The tiny house is currently parked in an RV park and all of the neighbors of jealous of the space, design, and how good it looks compared to their campers)! =)

Imagine the possibilities...

Meet Chris, Charity & Judah Majors

The builder, designer and Major Adventurers behind this Tiny House...

Hi there! We're the Majors!  And we're SO excited you're here.  We live in Boise, ID, and we LOVE adventure.

Chris is a Boise Firefighter by day, and has been a general contractor and in the construction world for over 25 years when he isn't serving our community.  You can rest assured that this tiny house was built to LAST and has been built with quality, inch by inch.

Charity has designed and decorated homes with Chris and his construction projects for over a decade and loves it! She spends most of her time as a mom, and part time in the world of business coaching and digital marketing (hence the fancy website) ; )

Judah, our 4-year old son is our greatest adventure.  He is the reason we hold adventure, beauty and freedom sacred.  He is fun loving, has an awesome collection of toy-cars, loves animals, keeps us on our toes, and we want him to experience the world (not just look at it in pictures)...

We have traveled the world, and believe that the world should be experienced and not just through a book or a website...

Hence, "Major Adventure Awaits..."  There is SO much to see and experience that is just waiting for you to say YES!

We want you to know that when you agree to look at this tiny house, we hope that you too desire freedom, choice, adventure, quality, style AND fun for your family...

This isn't just a tiny house...this is a manifestation, from our family to yours, for freedom, beauty, adventure and choice for you and your family.  This challenges the status quo, and that's our style of people...welcome home...

Cheers to the major adventure friend...we look forward to chatting with you...


-Chris, Charity & Judah Majors (and Dodger the dog) =)

Asking Price: $69,000
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